Conference on Perspectives of China, India and Germany in East Africa

Germany, China and India have an old and new interest in East Africa Region, building on different historical links to these African countries. In this regard the Federal Republic of Germany would like to strengthen and intensify the Indian Ocean Trade System. Germany considers that trade is a great equalizer among countries cultures and regions and is perhaps the best means to prevent conflict and confrontation …

The East African region’s growth, and the East African Community as forming the Western cornerstone in the geopolitical and geo-economic rise of the Indian Ocean in the 21st century, brings about new opportunities for the region in cooperation with international partners – especially global powerhouses like India and China as well as European countries like Germany. In a best case scenario, there would be healthy competition in the region – commercial, possibly political, but not military, and Germany’s business community would also compete here, as they do anywhere in the world.

These views were exchanged during a conference organized by the Federal Foreign Office on 24th June 2013, in which an open exchange of perspectives among the participants, and aspects of a joint new approach to the region were discussed. It was a dialogue about the opportunities and challenges in East Africa, seen from Asian, African and European viewpoints. H. E. Ambassador Sitona Abdalla Osman and Deputy head of Mission, Experts from the government sector, think tanks, universities, media and business from China, India, Germany and the East African Community, as well as accredited African Missions in Berlin participated in the conference.