Südsudan – Verheerende Flutkatastrophe

FloodExtreme floods across vast parts of remote and impoverished South Sudan have affected over 156,000 people, , with many areas now accessible only by air. Seven out of ten states in South Sudan, the world’s youngest country born just over two years ago following some five decades of on-off civil war, have been declared disaster zones by the government. Almost about 150,207 vulnerable people had been identified by the Government and the humanitarian partners to be in dire need of immediate assistance, and it is predicted that the numbers of people in need of assistance could double to 300,000 people in the next few days.
So far the Government of the Republic of South Sudan in collaboration with humanitarian and International partners have reached nearly 100,000 flood-affected people with aid across the country, „However, some relief challenges as roads have become impassible, with many flooded areas only accessible by air.“

Flooding happens every year in South Sudan, but problems began earlier this month after rains were more intense than expected.

The majority of those affected are in Northern Bahr el-Ghazal state, bordering Sudan, over 45,000 affected in Jonglei State 28,000 people affected and are in need of support.

In places, the White Nile River that runs the length of the country has burst its banks