Emergency contact
South Sudanese citizens who require emergency assistance may call the Embassy during business hours at +49 (0) 3020644590. South Sudanese citizens who require emergency assistance and come to the Embassy during business hours will be assisted without an appointment.
Non-Emergency Contacts: For non Emergency inquiries related to consular services please use the following: Fax: +49 (0) 30 206 445 919; email: info@embassy-southsudan.de

Applying for South Sudanese Passport
Applications for a South Sudanese passport can only be submitted and processed directly by Ministry of Interior, Department of Immigration and Passports. Therefore, South Sudanese Citizens wishing to obtain passports are directed to travel to South Sudan to process their passports.

Emergency Travel Document
The South Sudan Embassy issues Emergency Travel Documents to South Sudanese in specific cases, including case of loss of passport or upon the request of German Immigration authorities, or UN Immigration competent authorities. Below are the procedures for acquiring an Emergency Travel Document:

  • Application for travel document signed by applicant
  • Duly filled Emergency Travel Document Form
  • Four (4) passport size photos
  • Copy of travel document and/or German Identification Card (ID Card)
  • Police report (in case of loss of passport); and a payment of Euro 25 by bank transfer to the Embassy bank account
  • Note: Please check with your airlines representative if the travel document is acceptable
  • Direct travel route is recommended

Travelling to Germany

  • The Embassy kindly informs South Sudanese travelling to Germany to obtain relevant information on visa application procedures as well as entry regulations to Germany from the responsible German missions. Please note that a travellers’ cash limit of Euro 10,000 applies. Any amounts beyond this limit should be transferred by other means.

Birth Certificates
The South Sudan Embassy registers Birth Certificates and/or issues Certificates of Notification of Birth for South Sudanese children who are born in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Embassy is obliged to register a Birth Certificate or issue Certificates of Notification of Birth to children whose one parent is a South Sudanese citizen. These procedures should be done within one year of the birth of the children. Certificates of Notification of birth are given free of charge.

Death Certificates
The Embassy also issues Certificates of Notification of Death to South Sudanese who pass away in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Certificates are issued free of charge.

Authentication Services
The Embassy endorses/verifies/legalises various certificates that have been authenticated by the Federal Foreign Office (Federal Foreign Ministry) or other authorized institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany. For certificates and documents issued in the Republic of South Sudan, the document has to be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Juba and verified by the Embassy.
Please Note: Endorsement fee for any single document is Euro 25.