The Economic Department in South Sudan Embassy in Federal Republic of Germany provides services and programs to assist the German Business companies interested in doing business in South Sudan and exporting to South Sudan.
Our staff are ready to assist German companies interested in doing business in South Sudan and exporting to South Sudan, while working with German businesses. We are interested to find the products, technologies, services, and partners we need from the Federal Republic of Germany. Our Officer will help you to identify trade opportunities, find local business partners, launch your company, promote your products and services and obtain valuable market.


Investment Opportunities in South Sudan:
South Sudan is a land of vast investment opportunities because the country is rich in Natural resources. Our climatic condition, fertile soils and near unpolluted environment makes South Sudan and ideal location for agriculture and agro- Business. Our Rivers offer unlimited power generation opportunities. And we are a host to the world’s second largest wildlife migration. The investment Opportunities in South Sudan could be in areas which are rich of Natural Resources like Oil areas in Unity State, oil and gas exploration and production is not yet complete. South Sudan as a whole has 6 billion barrels of oil reserves (the third largest in Sub-Saharan Africa after Nigeria and Angola) and 3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves, South Sudan is rich in mineral deposits including gold, uranium, iron, copper, diamonds and more, these resources have never been properly exploited Gold in Western Equatoria State, Timber from Equatoria Forest also Papers Industries because of the row materials, Cement, sheets, Zinc, and some others Minerals and Investment in Agriculture Sector and infrastructure .

Why investment in Agriculture Sector in South Sudan?
Because South Sudan is blessed with ample natural resources:

1- Vast fertile lands
2- Good temperature, sunshine
3- fertile diluvial clay soil that support luxuriant native vegetation growth in the dry season
4- Large amount of fresh water and extensive varieties of forests
5- These endowments make the country suitable for many kinds of agriculture activities such as: the crops: Wheat, Sorghum, Millet, Rice, Palm Oil, Cotton, Sugar cane, Cassava, sweet and Irish Potatoes etc. , plus cash crops Coffee and Tea and horticulture and the production of wood and furniture
6- Land policy tenure system:
7- The land act divides land into three categories:
8- Private land: Non-citizens may acquire leaseholds up to 99 years.
9- Public land: Investors may be allocated publicly-owned land by the National or state governments, subject to the following conditions:
10- Investor must obtain investment certificate from Ministry of Investment and provide appropriate financial and Environmental guarantees.
11- Activity should contribute economically and socially to the development of the community,
12- Community must to be consulted, and all affected parties must be compensated
13- Leases up to 30 years for Agriculture investments, renewable by mutual consent
14- Leases up to 60 years for forestry investments, renewable by mutual consent
15- leases for mines and carriers for the life of the mine or quarry
16- 3- Community land: traditional authority in a community may allocate customary land rights for residential, agriculture, forestry and grazing purpose, but land must be registered, community must consulted, and in case of land beyond 250 feddans (c.250 acres), the State office must be involved.
17- 4- Tax Exemptions and Concessions
18- Pursuant to section 32(1) of the Act, an enterprise in respect of which the certificate is granted, shall be entitled to:
19- Tax exemptions and concession in Machinery and equipment, capital and net profits, for the period specified in the third Schedule annex with these regulations, and
(a) Exemption from duty and tax for imported agricultural goods and equipment, such as tools, tractors, pharmaceuticals, animal feeds and seeds, as provide in the applicable Taxation low that may be used to increase food and cash crops production. More details in:
-Lows of South Sudan Investment Promotion Regulations, 2012
– Investment Opportunities in South Sudan
– Investor Guide

Investment in tourism:
The potential investment in tourism is very great. More than 15 national game parks, game reserves, bird sanctuaries and other protected areas covering more than 1 million hectares exist. A 2010 census by Wildlife Conservation Society estimated total number of white-eared cob and other migratory animals at 1.3 million, approaching the scale of the Serengeti migration. There are an excellent bird-watching potential in Sudd Wetlands and excellent conditions for adventure tourism: ballooning, rafting, kayaking, rock-climbing, hiking, etc.; besides fascinating cultural traditional and historic sites.