Preisverleihung „GOLDENE ERBSE“ von MÄRCHENLAND am 7. November 2013.

On 7th November 2013, in a ceremony held at the Embassy of Canada in Berlin and attended by H. E. Ambassador Sitona Abdalla Osman, the GOLDENE ERBSE [GOLDEN PEA] was awarded to Prof. Monika Grütters, Member of the German Parliament, and Chairperson of the Committee for Culture and Media, Mr. Ulrich Wickert, Founder of the Ulrich Wicker Foundation for Charity Organizations in the international fight for children’s rights, and Patricia Riekel, Chief Editor of the BUNTE magazine, and Chairperson of the Tribute to Bambi Foundation that supports initiatives and projects against sickness, neglect, abuse and social poverty.The Golden Pea is awarded by MÄRCHENLAND – Deutsches Zentrum für Märchenkultur [Fairytale Land – German Centre For Fairytale Culture] to those who are fighting like fairy tale heroes to preserve the good. The pea in Andersen’s fairytale “The Princess and the Pea” became the symbol for ethics, sensitivity and action – properties that the world urgently needs and Märchenland decided to honour.

Märchenland is an institution founded in 2004 that aims to make the society aware of the almost lost cultural treasure of fairytales. Märchenland is the only center of its kind in Germany, and is an institution for the tradition and literary genre of fairytales, legends and stories. Märchenland organizes more than 1,500 events a year in Berlin and throughout the world for children and adults. The institution was founded to preserve fairy tales as part of our world cultural heritage, and introduces the universal messages of fairy tales to current discussions. Märchenland inspires celebrities with a background related to politics, the economy or the media to get involved with cultural projects for children and adolescents throughout Germany