Power Talk Part II

130717_IBMZ_PHT02Upon invitation of the Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Gudrun Kopp, MP, H. E. Ambassador Sitona Abdalla Osman attended the Power Talk Part II. This was held as a follow up to the first Power Talk on 1st March 2013, which had focused on violence against women as a global challenge. Power Talk II was held after a lot of positive feedback and had the title “Women: Drivers of Development.” Power Talks Part I and II were both held with Lady Ambassadors from Cooperation Countries of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) …

In light of the promotion of Gender Equality, the BMZ was sending a signal in the first Power Talk for preventing and fighting violence against women and girls. During the second Power Talk the Parliamentary State Secretary highlighted the key role that women play for sustainable development: “Gender Equality is a key objective of Germany’s development policy. I am convinced that ending all forms of discrimination against women will translate into enormous potential for national development. Unfortunately, this promising potential has been going untapped in far too many cases. So we will continue to work with our partners to strengthen the voice of women in development processes in terms of social, political and economic aspects.”