President Salva Kiir Mayardit


Form of Government:
Presidential Republic
Date of Independence:
July 9, 2011
Salva Kiir Mayardit
619.745km2 (World Rank:43)
13 million Inhabitants (World Rank: 93); circa 200 ethnicities; 51% under 18-years-old and 72% under 30; literacy rate of 27%; 51% live below the poverty line
Population Density:
13.33 inhabitants/km2 (83% of all Sudanese live in rural areas).
Christianity (all denominations); Islam; indigenous faiths.
Official Languages English and Arabic as well as indigenous languages.
32 Federal States
Time Zone:
CET + 1 hour
South Sudanese Pound=100 Piasters

Countries Bordering South Sudan
The Republic of Sudan lies to the north; Ethiopia to the east; Uganda and Kenya to the southeast; the Democratic Republic of Congo to the southwest; the Central African Republic to the west.

South Sudan has an equatorial climate with high humidity and much precipitation. The rainy season varies, although it generally occurs between April and November. The temperature is moderate, although dependent on the season.

A predominantly level landscape, although containing large stretches of hilly regions with equatorial vegetation separated by savannahs. South Sudan also has mountainous areas, especially along the border with Uganda, including (amongst others) at Imatong, Didinga, and Dongotona, some of which are found at more than 3,000 meters above sea level.

Natural Resources
Crude oil, iron ore, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, coal, uranium, chromium, copper, zinc, mica, diamonds, quartz, tungsten.

Water Reserves
The Nile is the predominant geographical feature in South Sudan. South Sudan is also home to the world’s largest swamp, the Sudd, and area extending approximately 30,000 km2. In addition, an approximately 100,000 km2 region forms a flood plain of the White Nile and its tributaries. Due to a steep approximately 100,000 km2 region forms a flood plain of the White Nile and its tributaries. Due to a steep riverbed gradient, the Nile frequently changes course, thereby creating extensive marshlands.