Logistical Services
Independence and the beginning of economic growth increased demand in the freight and passenger sector rapidly: trucking, car services of all kinds, river boats, air taxis and charter equipment, freight forwarders and more have since become increasingly popular.
Several local and regional investors have established freight forwarding companies, car rental agencies and charter operations, but the demand for transportation services still lags considerably behind the actual situation.

It is imperative to bring the transport infrastructure in South Sudan to an up-to-date standard, either through renovation or modernization. This involves local road and rail networks, international roads and rail transport to neighboring countries as well was international and local airports.

• 3500 km of roads are scheduled for completion in the near future (more than 5000 km roads to bebuilt or renovated)
• 5 regional airports are currently being renovated or face the termination of this work
• 2 ports are under construction along the · course of the Nile River

There is a huge potential for private investors to make a profit in some of these infrastructural measures. Several investors have already invested in similar private infrastructure projects in other countries in the region.