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South Sudan Worst Flood

News, South Sudan News|3. December 2013

South Sudan Worst Flood Disaster

FloodExtreme floods across vast parts of remote and impoverished South Sudan have affected over 156,000 people, , with many areas now accessible only by air. Seven out of ten states in South Sudan, the world’s youngest country born just over two years ago following some five decades of on-off civil war, have been declared disaster zones by the government. Almost about 150,207 vulnerable people had been identified by the Government and the humanitarian partners to be in dire need of immediate assistance, and it is predicted that the numbers of people in need of assistance could double to 300,000 people in the next few days.

Honorary Doctorate

News, South Sudan News|3. December 2013

Foreign Affairs minister awarded Honorary Doctorate for peace & good governance

South Sudan’s Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation minister, Hon Barnaba Marial Benjamin, has been awarded Honorary Doctorate of humane by the Kenyan College of Accountancy (KCA) in recognition of his role in promoting peace and good governance in the region.

In a colorful occasion held last week, Hon Benjamin was selected out of twenty African leaders for the prestigious doctoral award after being found unique and exemplary leader, according to the University Council.

KCA (Kenyan College of Accountancy) was established through the help of British council in 1989 to provide much needed skills in accountancy that both the Kenyan Government and the private sector required. Today forty percent of the Kenya’s accountants come from KCA.

South Sudan Humanitarian Appeal

News, South Sudan News|14. November 2013

South Sudan Humanitarian Appeal Sets New Direction for International Aid.

human(Juba, 14 November 2013) The Government of South Sudan and aid agencies launched the humanitarian appeal for 2014-2016 today, unveiling an innovative new direction for humanitarian action in South Sudan. The three-year appeal seeks US$1.1 billion to meet the needs of the most vulnerable 3.1 million people across the country in 2014. This comes to some $355 per person targeted to receive assistance, including emergency health, food and nutrition support.